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Jul 3, 2022
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Skokie Illinois
Wouldn't you know it. was able to fly around my house nicely yesterday, cannot believe how nice the Mini SE flies and how awesome its video is, got a call from my friend who owns the local pawn shop, someone was trying to sell him an ipad that was activation locked so he asked me to come and look at it, found out the guy found it left on a train and wasn't his, so saved the owner buying something totally unusable, he paid me $40.00 cash, the only way I will do any work, went and got fuel for car while the mini was charging and since it got almost perfectally calm wind wise by my house..... decided to go to the marianos at foster and sheridan in chicago, where I know security and have been given permission to fly off the roof top parking to get video of the lakefront and city. drove the 10 miles there in rush hour traffic only to get there and find it unbelievably windy, was so windy it was difficult to open car door. figured well i am here might as well go inside, go to the coffee bar, have coffee and bs with a couple people i know there and security. looked out the window around 7 pm and the trees were behaving and almost still.... decided to go try and fly, go upstairs and almost have it ready to fly, phone connected to controller, compass calibration done, and it starts RAINING. ugh. looks like ill have to try again. wouldnt be so bad if gas prices were where they supposed to be and not still $6.15 a gallon for premium.

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