Why this board does not get the traffic it should?


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Dec 18, 2023
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Vian Oklahoma
This board is one of the best thought out & put together of any message board
I have seen on the net. Believe me I,m a member of so many message boards on
so many topics , from politics, to sports, motorized bicycle , ect. But this is the
the first Drone board for me, & I have so many questions about these things that
never get much response, when I post a question. I think one reason is I do not
own a DJI. I know DJI is the number one company in the industry. But there are now a few up coming companies joining in to the beginner market. I ,m some what a
Newbie to this camera drone , in buying a Potensic Atom drone. I love it, so easy
To fly, & a great camera quality. But I must think there are not as many owners
out there as I once thought. That’s sad in a way that one company can control
the market, the way DJI does. I realize why, they do, but competition is what
keeps cost down , products to continue to improve. JMOHOP.

I completely agree. However companies who want to wrestle some market share away from DJI must manufacturer products both hardware and firmware that are on the same level of DJI products. Or at least close. It is very disappointing to take a chance on an unfamiliar brand of drone by spending hundreds of dollars on their products only to have the products not perform like the manufacturer claims, then have the manufacturer basically laugh at your stupidity and keeping your money. From everything I've read, the Potensic Atom is a good platform and a good value. Even so, being a smaller company and product, drones like the Atom will not have the same market presence as companies like DJI and Autel simply because fewer people own the Atom. I've never heard of larger and more capable offerings from Potensic. This also limits the brands market presence. The Atom is likely a great beginner drone and a solid competitor for the DJI Mini 2 SE. However drones in this category do not have the necessary capabilities that many end users require. Things like RTK, infrared cameras, the ability to carry heavy professional cinematography cameras or transport cargo. DJI has models that cover all of those things and more. I purchased FIMI X8 drones instead of DJI Air or Mavic platforms because, I too, don't like any company having such a monopoly in any market. Unfortunately, my experience with FIMI has been somewhat disappointing. I hope FIMI and others step up their game. Until that time, DJI will most likely, remain the "king" of drones.
Well let’s look at what many call the beginners drone. Let us look at what most family’s would want in a drone. For me it
Is the photo, ease of flying , & dependable .So far the Atom
has all the above. It has 3 axes gimble,4 k Filming. Three speed
Modes. Beginner, film,as a sport, 35 mph. It has a follow me
Mode, pin points, very good come home mode. Satellite tracking, & satellite map. It really has more modes than I wound
Most likely likely every use. It does not have the distance The
Mini 2, but it is plenty for me. It will fly out of site, which I won,t
Do if I can keep from it. I lost a Ruko pro doing that. But a about
a mile is plenty for me. I never done a range test, & do not plan
Two. The camera is fantastic sharpness. So for now it suits my
needs. Down the line I may move up, but for now I,m a happy camper. 🪰Fly

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