Using HS110D to blow leaves off Roof?


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Nov 29, 2021
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Lilburn, Georgia
So, I've been investigating blowing the leaves off the roof of our house with a drone, and maybe getting some out of the gutters.

I thought about 3d printing and building one, but thought it best to first do some simple experiments. I bought an HS110D from Amazon for $65. It has 6" props, prop guards, 10 minute batteries. It seems to do ok; I'm not an experienced drone pilot; I am an instrument rated fixed wing pilot.

I'm still working on getting a feel for the HS110D; it seems to drift even after setting the trim carefully. BUT, it has enough prop wash to move leaves. Near a sloping roof is a bit tricky, as I think the uphill props may get more ground effect than downhill.

The camera is nice, but... in this application you want to look more down. A gimbal would be nice. Maybe I can 3d print a little wedge to point it down more.

There is an HS110G which has 23 minute batteries at $162. Still no gimbals for camera. No prop guard, BUT looks like the HS110D guards would fit. It seems to have a number of swell GPS features that I have no use for at all. I can also buy the HS110G batteries (an off brand Fytoo 1500mah) for $32. Would those fit the HS110D? Is the battery warning based on remaining voltage?

I COULD go waaay upscale, but not sure they would be more stable, nor do any better. I also have concluded that we really need guards, because our house has 6 different roof-lines, which means walls to bump into.

Any opinions are welcome.


Neal in Atlanta
I am an instrument rated fixed wing pilot.
I am a newbie to drones too, but it seems to me they would have just enough power to blow the leaves into the gutter, not off of the roof. I am also an instrument rated fixed wing pilot now retired, I owned a Mooney for a while, great airplane. I do remember some truisms my instructor told me you might find interesting. Flying definition, hours and hours of sheer boredom punctuated by moments of stark terror. Owning your own airplane, high finance and low cunning. It will only fly as high as you can stack dollar bills underneath to support it. He was right, but I had to find out for myself. Welcome to the DronePilots forum, the people here are very helpful.
I had an HS110D . Nice little drone , only problem I had was on its 2nd flight , I went to far out of range and it took off on its own never to be seen again !!! so I have a controller , battery & charger and a set of props still in the original box . If you're interested in some spare parts let me know !

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