possibly the world's worst RC pilot, crashing this party (heh) from San Jose, California


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Jul 7, 2021
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San Jose, CA.
new (outdoor) drone pilot here. currently flying a Fimi A3, and have a Spry+ (amphibious and salt water capable!) on the way from Amazon. Most of my FPV experience is RC cars and crawlers, and flight experience from indoor micro helis (no camera). Ive managed to crash on the first flight, a chinese clone of the Mini Convergence tiltrotor, 4 or 5 eBay differential steered thrust cheap foamies, and even the supposed beginner proof plane, the Mini Aeroscout. Only the Fimi has survived multiple flights lol.

So the reason I got a waterproof drone is twofold. 1) Im gonna crash it, or lose it due to sudden wind gusts and 2) it'll probably happen over brackish or saltwater, around Mare Island (Vallejo).

Ill be flying a risky area because I also volunteer for the WWII gunboat moored there, the USS LCS 102, and I need to generate more content (video) of events and maintenance for our website. So I go where the action is. or a bunch of old guys painting (me included) , woo exciting!

Anyone know if the no fly zone extends past the maintenance locks? there's no listing of anything on the maps, but as there are active in service Navy vessels often getting work done, the immediate area is patrolled by serious Marines and theres "no drone" signs everywhere.

we're down across from the Marina so hopefully thats far enough away to avoid the Navy and the various nature preserves where we're not allowed to disturb any waterfowl. Somebody here probably knows for sure.
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