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Dec 30, 2022
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York County, VA. USA
I am a Part 107 Licensed Pilot and I fly recreationally. I fly a DJI Mini 2 and I use two different Android Samsung Galaxy Tablets, an older S2, SM-T713 and a new A8 SM-X200 with my Mini 2.

I am an Air Force Chief Master Sergeant, 30-year Veteran and I've been retired for over 20-years. I am also very active on other Drone Websites to include: MavicPilot, the DJI Forum, the DJI Help Forum, and on two Facebook Groups: the Virginia Drone Pilot Group and the Pilot Institute Drone Student Group.

I am an unabashed Alumni of the Pilot Institute's Part 107 Commercial Drone License Course where I scored a 100% on the FAA's Part 107 Exam after taking Greg Reverdiau course and I will recommend it to anyone asking for advice (sometimes you don't even have to ask..).

I live in the Hampton Roads of Virginia. It is the Peninsula between Richmond and Norfolk. I live right smack in a heavily controlled Class D Airspace. First off, the Airspace over my home is covered by both Langley AFB and Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport. And to make matter worse, I live on the West side of a Zero (0) Altitude FAA Airspace Sector.

So, technically, I live in a "Drone Taxi Zone…"

I can stand in my front yard and fly my drone up and down the street up to 400', but I cannot land it in my own driveway. Which explains the Part 107 of my Recreational Flying. With my Part 107, I can request Waivers to fly in my own yard through the FAADroneZone…

And as you can see in the map, the areas in RED are all National Park “No-Fly-Zones…” And to make matters worse, the county I live in prohibits Drones flying from all county property (parks, school yards, beaches, boat launches, etc…).

Here I am.png

Fortunately, the DJI Authorization Zones from the Langley AFB and Patrick Henry Airport do not quite reach my home…

As I wrote earlier, I am active on other Drone Web Sites and I am looking forward to learning and sharing Drone Experiences…

I want to thank @dirkclod for sharing this web site with me (and others…).

So to all, Happy Droning and happy New Year…
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Welcome aboard LT 👍👍
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