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Jan 28, 2022
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south Alabama
Good morning to all-
I wonder if any of you folks have obtained/flown the HS 600. I got mine back last fall, and it has proven to be a good camera platform and it has decent flight characteristics. The range with enhanced wifi is actually quite good- I won't say how far I've flown for fear of offending anti-BVLOS folks, but it will go out there. It gets a little hard to control when it's out at distance, the yaw in particular is very touchy. The camera is good.
Just wondered is anyone else has this drone and how you like it.

It is not as easy to set up and launch as my HS 720e- that's a sweet little quick to fly drone.

good day to all- Ed
Just got my HS600 from the UPS guy today. My first drone, never flown before. Any tips with this drone? Looking forward to getting it out unfortunately we're suppose to get a snow storm here. Guess i'm gonna have to wait a little longer.
Dawgbone- Good evening. First, the HS600 is a big, powerful drone. I recommend your first efforts to be done in cine mode - or slow mode- at any rate, the slowest operating mode the drone has. Get used to the controls and see how the drone reacts to your directions. I also recommend your first flying efforts to be done in a big, open area. Make sure you do the proper compass and GPS pre-flight orientation before you try to fly. Read those start-up guides and directions that come with the drone.
This drone has a really good camera system, and the enhanced wifi it operates with gives it a long range. I will tell you that when this drone is out a good distance, the lag between command and action can be disconcerting- particularly the yaw commands- it just sits there and all of sudden, it really spins around. Again, once you're used to it, it's not a problem
The HS600 is a good drone, and when you learn to use it, you will have fun.

good luck and let us know how it goes-
Thanks Ed, I'm looking forward to getting it out. I've noticed there's not many posts about the HS 600, not much information on it. Anyways thanks for the tips. I'll probably be getting back to you if I have questions if its oko with you.
Thanks Bill
Dawg- that would be fine.
I think the reason not much has been posted about the HS600 is that Holy Stone has not pushed its release and made it overly easy to find and obtain. To my knowledge, the HS600 is the biggest and best drone Holystone makes, but for whatever reason, the company has not done much to promote the drone.

Good night to all- Ed

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