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May 10, 2024
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I bought an ATOM SE last week, did the test flight and everything seems ok. However, the drone does not recognize the SD card. I made sure that I purchased the right card: U3, 10, and so on. I still am unable to record without the "No SD card" message.

Any help will be appreciated.

1. (from the silly question department) Have you inserted it the right way round and have you fully inserted it?
2. Test the card with an adapter on a laptop
Yes, I put a JPG file in the card to test it out, however, the drone does not see it.
Sorry, but it sounds as if the fault is in the drone. It appears that you are not alone in this problem:
Which brand of SD Card? Many of the "Less Expensive" SD cards coming out of China have been spoofed with false capacities. Temu and Wish are big sellers of these cards. Thy read the correct capacity but a 128Gb card may be just a 16 GB card which has been doctored. What happens is when you're recording it will record the first 14.XX GB and then record the next 14.XX over the top of the previous lot. Many of these cheapie cards also suffer from having no access. Plus when they do work they aren't high speed. Even brand name cards have been found to be spoofed. Amazon sold hundreds of them. Buying good cards can be a minefield.

Try using a different card reader. I found some cards don't like some readers, or is the other way around? :) Again, cheap and nasty readers from China can be a problem. Quad manufacturers will try to save a few cents by installing cheap SD card hardware. You can try cleaning the card's connections using a clean piece of printer paper. Simply touching the connections can cause dirt to collect on the oil left by your fingers.
either the sd card is corupted or its a too lower class rating, I will never insert a sd card lower than 10 class

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