Hubsan Zino Pro Question and some video (from the Netherlands)


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Dec 18, 2023
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Hello Pilots,

Below a link to a new video I made from the skies of Holland. Hope you like it...

Does anyone can tell me what the problem is with the low battery time for the Hubsan Zino Pro?
Got several batteries but I don't get a long flight time out one off them!? are all my batteries bad? is er a problem with the batteries BMS? is this a FC firmware problem? I cant pin point the problem... any tips/help is very welcome... did order a new battery to see if this solves the problem... also trying different firmware versions to see if there is a difference..
Is there anyone who tried to use a normal (no BMS) Lipo in the Zino ... watched some youtube video's but its not clear how to solve this problem...

Thanks in Advance

Hubsan Zino Pro 4K flight video 2024 <----- Check my video (White and wet flatland's of North Holland, The Nehterlands)
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This is a Longshot but since Hubsan manufacturers Exo drones, perhaps there is some cross platform compatibility. The Exo Blackhawk 3 Pro advertises 53 minutes battery life. I find the methodology that most drone manufacturers use when listing battery flight time as disingenuous at best and an outright lie at worst. Most manufacturers take a fully charged battery in the drone in question, turn off collision avoidance, put camera in lowest resolution set for photo not video. Then fly the drone at a low speed in a windless environment until the battery fails and the drone drops to the ground. Since no one who spends hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a drone will ever operate their drone this way, advertising the run until failure times is a deceptive marketing ploy.

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