HS720e Handheld transmitter shows 0 satellite


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Jun 13, 2021
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My very 1st drone!! As the heading says my transmitter shows 0 satellite regardless of where I am, open field and all. HS720e needs at least 7 satellite otherwise its manual. Is there any thing we can do to fix this??? The iPhone is set for GPS on. At this point the HS720e is a brick to us. Thanks
It normally will take a few minutes for the drone to locate the satellites after doing the calibration routine. If the controller still shows 0 satellites outdoors after 3-4 minutes , I would suspect there is a hardware problem with the unit and contact HolyStone. They are pretty decent to deal with.
Thanks Darth. Customer Support at Holy Stone are helping me out with a "one-time courtesy" of a new unit within 2-4 days with tracking# and all, thats really super! I told them the unit was purchased back 2020 xmass for my daughter. Shes not a drone person. So I paid her in exchange about a month ago! All this time expired before I started the drone adventure. Anyway CS asked for a video of the process I went through to calibrate the unit. I had to do about three retakes, leaving stuff out and all!! Then the video was way tooo big to email. I ended up placing the video on my server and provided a link. Ill keep the group updated. Go Holy Stone, they got a new fan!! ?
Glad to hear it'll get sorted out. I'm new to drones myself and HolyStone has been very helpful the few times I've had any issues. They sent me a replacement arm to due to a weak motor.
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