HS 720E or 720G?

@punisher7delta I think the G is supposed to be better, I have an E and I am really finding it good. If you go for an E a lot of re-usable things from the 720 will work on it like batteries and arms etc.
I just wish someone could tell me me if the EIS was really a decent upgrade or if it were just a gimmick. That seems to be the main difference between the two drones.
From my limited experience it seems a good upgrade but does not have any obvious signs as such
@Americanbulldogbully I just wondered how long flying time you get before the drone enters low voltage RTH?
also I wonder if you know what % battery that would be, on the controller it is 2 bars, that indicates 50% and that seems too high as it cannot be turned off or cancelled, so the free flying time would only be about 11 or 12 mins
I’m very new to drones, so I don’t have the answers for you. I was very busy watching out that the drone didn’t get away from me.
@Americanbulldogbully So am I. I have a bit of a problem with my 720E, it seems to disconnect from the transmitter. I noticed this after the transmitter started a continues beeping and the drone appeared to have turned itself off. I am going to take it to the park in a really wide open space and test it. luckily It was not flying, just sat on the ground whilst I formatted a card and set the flying options in the Ophelia Go app.

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