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Jan 16, 2021
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HI, I have a HS 160 drone that has hardly been flown because I cant control it.

Brand new, I’ve tried flying it 4 times over couple months.

As soon as it lifts off it will fly to the left at a steady altitude.

I have the manual. The trim button does not seem to correct the direction.

I tried the long press to calibrate the gyro, that didn’t help.

Is this a good quality drone? Should I give it to the kids and but a better one?

is Holystone popular? Thanks
I know nothing about the HS160 but I *do* know that Holy Stone stands firmly behind their 90 day warranty. If you are within the 90 days contact Holy Stone ASAP to report your problems: [email protected]

Within 90 days they should replace the drone free of charge if the problem can not be resolved: I know - it happened to me with my original HS720
Thanks, 90 days has long gone.
I’ll play with it again when the weather gets warmer.
Cant hurt to send Holy Stone support an EMail: they've always been quick to respond.

The first time I recalibrated the gyro in my HS720 I did so outside on a level surface: it made things no better and perhaps a bit worse. Now when I want to recalibrate the gyro I do so at the kitchen table - seems to give me a better result. The manual shows how to adjust the trim: if the drone will allow you to try setting the lateral (left / right) trim while powered up & spinning but on the ground. To adjust for *left* drift trim to the *right*. This may let you adjust the trim without the panic of watching your drone drift away into obstacles: worth a try I'd say...
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