Holy Stone: No fly zones?


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Aug 8, 2020
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Hey Guys!
I'm pretty new to the Drone flying community. I recently bought a HS165. I've really enjoyed having and In my own yard it works great! The problem I'm having is that in certain areas it won't fly with no indication as of why. It just goes into indoor mode automatically. I recently tried to fly with a friend who is more experienced and he just got a different model of Holy Stone but had the same issue in the same location. But he was able to fly his DJI and Parrot. So does that mean Holy stone has an automatic no fly zone built into their stock settings? If that's the case can it be changed? I would really appreciate some advice from any veteran HS flyers!
While not a veteran by any stretch I've owned two Holy Stone drones. My first was the HS110 and now I'm flying the HS720. I live and fly within 2 miles (more like 1.25 as the crow fly's) of a state / public airfield and have never had this problem. Verify that the WiFi is connected and that you have a good GPS / satellite count. If you haven't contacted Holy Stone yet send them an EMail to [email protected]

Download the FAA B4UFLY app - it's a must have!
I also have a HS 165. I've noticed more problems with this drone when I fly it in GPS mode. At times it flies erratic especially when close to a metal building, I've also noticed troubles when I get near powerlines. I haven't found the source of the problems but I learned that I need to "forget" my home wifi when flying at home, and I keep it in non-GPS mode. I also turn the data off on my phone because the app will shutdown during mid-flight. The drone is a stepping stone for me, I like the way it flies and I can get good practice with it, so the little bugs that I have I just work around.

I had the 110 before this one and actually liked the way it responded as opposed to the 165.
Just as a friendly reminder please use the B4UFLY app to verify you are legal with the FAA. A lot of locations are actually in "Class G" and are good to fly but some are not and GEO fencing cannot be depended on.

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