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Aug 14, 2022
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Hello, I joined this site so I could learn more about flying drones. I have had 4 so far and have the same issue with every one of them. For two of them ($150), I was able to get a partial refund. They will not hover properly and always end up in bushes and trees. I decided to buy a more expensive drone and bought the Holy Stone HS720e ($300). It was doing great the first few flights but now it's all over the place. The places I want to fly in have many trees. Are they supposed to stay within a 12-foot radius? Sometimes it will fly in a certain direction and I'm spending most of my time trying to correct its location. Are ALL drones this way? I have several hundred dollars invested in drones, do I need to get a thousand-dollar drone just to get it to hover properly? This is so frustrating I don't enjoy it at all because of these circumstances. I usually have 11 satellites and do the compass and gyro calibration before every flight. Am I posting this question in the right place to get any help on this issue? Thank You in advance I really appreciate the help.
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Good morning to all-
I can't say that I have had similar problems with my Holystone drones. Are you sure you have your drone set to GPS and not the non- GPS setting?

You don't need to get a $1000 drone to have steady position hold. spend $400 on a DJI Mini 2 and you'll have absolute rock-steady position hold. But you should get that from your Holystones too, if everything is set up right.

Hope this helps-

good day to all- Ed
Good morning folks!
I had a couple of questions re. the Holystone drones myself. I got a 700E and for some reason the 4K pictures it takes are about 1.5 - 2MB in size. This is basically less than half the size regular 4K pictures are. Any ideas?
Funnyme, if you are having control problems and are flying close to the ground and in the trees, try turning off the GPS and control the drone manually. Don't let the drone out of your sight (which you are not supposed to do anyway) if flying with the GPS off. The Return To Home function will not work with the GPS off.

I have the same problem when flying my 720E in the trees at eye-level. The drone seems to move all over and I end up hitting something. I think the GPS and manual controls are fighting each other for some reason. The GPS is telling the drone to move left and you are telling it to move right, and who knows which way it will go?

Flying4fun, "4K" refers to horizontal resolutions of around 4,000 pixels. The majority of 4K displays come with 3840 x 2160 pixels which is what my 720E produces. The file size has little to do with the resolution of the photo. The amount of jpg compression applied to the photo governs the final file size. The higher the compression, the smaller the file size and generally the lower the picture quality. Check the pixel count to see if it is 4k.

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