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Jul 8, 2019
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The HS100 from Holy Stone is capable of recording 1080p video, has GPS for features like Return-to-Home and is easy to fly due to its One Key Take-off and landing feature.

Utilizing a full HD wide-angle camera with a field-of-view of 120° it can record video in up to 1080p and the camera is adjustable by 90°. You can see what the camera is recording as a feed is sent to the mobile phone in real-time via a direct Wi-Fi connection within a range of 150 meters. The footage can be recorded on to any SD card and gladly one is already included in the box. The footage from the drone is detailed and steady, and the built-in altitude hold feature makes it easier to focus on capturing an amazing video rather than trying to keep the drone stable.
The GPS assisted flight provides auto return to home feature that can either be used manually or engages automatically when the drone is out of the 500 meters range or the battery is low. Keep in mind it does not have obstacle avoidance so make sure that it has an unobstructed path. The HS100 is equipped with a 2500mAh battery which is capable of flights up to 15 minutes and charges in about 3 hours with a 2A charger.

This HS100 comes equipped with follow-me mode that uses GPS positioning and the camera to follow the person controlling the drone. This is a great feature for making some cool hands-free selfie videos. Another great feature is the Quick launch that makes it easier for beginners to take-off and land the drone. On the press of a button, the HS100 automatically takes off and land, without any hassle. Moreover, the drone comes with a mobile application that lets you watch the feed from the camera in virtual reality (VR headsets required).

The Holy Stone HS100 is an easy to fly and reliable drone with lots of added features. One customer review sums it up with “I’m very happy with the HS-100 and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a higher quality drone that provides more in-flight stability, smooth controls and a great look-n-feel”.

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