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Apr 9, 2022
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Denver, CO

My name is Michael "Mike" Curta I am the owner of Rocky Mountain UAV Industries Ltd. based in Denver; I just opened my company on the first of the year. I have been flying fixed wings for 40 years but not in the last 5 years, as I have been flying drones. My company does Inspections, including Roofs, towers, Farm & Ranch real estate, construction, and agriculture. I have had my 107 since Nov. 2021.

I am a retired medic and worked 10 years on a 911 Ambulance in Denver, prior to that another 5+ years on a Vol. Rescue Squad in Iowa. I am currently the Emergency Coordinator for Adams & Arapahoe Counties ARES in Metro Denver. ARES stands for Amateur Radio Emergency Services we provide backup communications and work providing communications and staffing positions in the Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) for the Adams and Arapahoe Counties Sheriff's Dept. and the City of Aurora CO. We also support all the rural departments along the East I-70 Corridor from Denver to KS. I hold Multiple Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and FEMA Certifications in Incident Command (ICS), Wildland Fire RADO, EOC Operations, and several others. In addition, I just returned home yesterday from a week-long DHS course on C-UAS Tactics and Operations. C-UAS stands for Counter UAS where I became certified in how to find, ID, track, respond to, and tactics to stop a UAS in Unauthorized Airspace such as over a disaster site, a fire, stand-off, stadiums, etc. We got an opportunity to work with some very cool equipment and systems and even blow some things up.

Our ARES Team of about 40 volunteers is also responsible for severe storm tracking and tracking and puts mobile units in the field to sport and track storms across eastern Colorado. Yes, Colorado has Tornados, believe it or not, we have a LOT of tornados here, no big EF-4 or 5s but a lot of the others. We also have myself and one other pilot and soon to be a third that does search and rescue (SAR) with our drones as well as provides overwatch for our served agencies at large events such as Fairs, concerts, fires, and law enforcement events, etc.

Currently, I have the following aircraft: Ruko F-11 GIM2, DJI Mini 2, Autel EVO Pro II, DJI Phantom 4 V2, and a DJI Inspire 2. As for Fixed Wing: Sportsman S+, a home-built powered glider, and a home-built flying wing.

That's my story and remember you asked for it! LOL And for the other HAMS out there my call is KD0UFO

Welcome to our forum .
I hope you will find our site helpful and look forward to any input , photo's/video's you might post . Check out the list and give us your review on what you have .👍👍

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