Got the DJI Mini SE this morning

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Jul 3, 2022
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Skokie Illinois
Bit the bullet last evening, after seeing my friend flying his DJI mini se at the same place I was flying my Holy Stone HS-720. It was kinda windy, always is at that location on the north side of Chicago for some reason.... the HS-720 flew decently but was clearly bothered by the wind gusts that I would guess were around 10 to 18 mph while his DJI mini se didnt seemed at all bothered. Got my video of the Foster beach lakefront I wanted to get, just need to figure out how to upload it to the computer from the ophilea go app, and then he let me fly his mini. we then went inside to the Vero coffee bar and well..... it happened, found it on amazon for $299 with delivery between 4 and 8 am available so bit the bullet and ordered it. It arrived at my house at 5 am while I was out with my dog for his morning walk. Supposed to be studying the Altitude University part 107 class while I am at the local dunkin donut, but you know what came with and is now sitting on the chair next to me charging as well as the controller is doing the same.

May do some studying.... while it is charging up, but that is for employment, not fun.... I may be looking at youtube videos of the mini se, but clock into my work remotely.
You'll love the little Mini-SE. It's a joy to fly, and the wind resistance is surprisingly good.

If you still have the option to do so, I suggest you get the DJI Care Refresh for the little bird. It has Flyaway coverage, which can be useful if you're flying in very windy conditions.

I got it on all of my new Minis, and I just renewed it on two of them. I didn't get it for my FPV, because the cost was ridiculously high, but for the Minis, I think it's worth it.
I’m gonna find out what has to be done for the video thing to get the insurance from dji. Gonna take the 107 test this afternoon, and then find out about that. Think it is a good idea, especially in the Chicago area which is well known as the WINDY city
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