FIMI TX10A disappointment


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Feb 5, 2024
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Tennessee, USA
I have attached a link to a YouTube video I just made describing my problems with the FIMI X8 Pro when using the TX10A Remote Controller. I am not sponsored or monetized in any way. I hope this helps others make an informed decision when considering purchasing products from FIMI. Thanks

good video,you look mad,like you could travel to china to visit fimi hq….ican see ya standing in front of fimi bulding and yelling:”hey fimi,where is my money,where is my money!!” 😁
unfortunately they had lot of issues,x8pro was supposed to come out in february of 2023 and due issues with camera supplier they ended up moving schedule to september,fimi plus batterys and 4G module are not yet in production and lots of other issues….but the drone itself (fimi x8 pro)is a beast,i have nothing negative to say about it,works flawlessly with standard controller
Lol, yeah I'm very frustrated. I've pretty much decided that, when it comes to Chinese companies, I will only purchase drones from resellers with very robust in-house return policies. I certainly won't trust Fimi ever again. Fimi will never grow their market share with this type of dishonest business practices.
I am a controls engineer with a major international tire manufacturer. At some point Fimi will straighten out their quality issues. When they do I will purchase a new X8 Pro and TX10A controller from a reseller that I know will accept returns. Then I will do a little "repackaging". Fimi will make this right. They may just not know it until they can't do anything about it.
What was the point of your video? Not every one can afford DJI
Products. I know DJI drones control this industry, I truly wish they did not. If that was the case maybe the insane price they
Charge would come down. I was going to buy a DJI mini 2. I came very close to pulling the trigger on doing that. But at the
Last minute l chose the Potensic Atom & glad I did. I love the
Drone & the feathers it has. Do I think it is better than a mini 2
In some aria,s yes, in some others no. But I saved a ton of money, & I have most everything I wanted in a ( SO CALLED )
beginners drone. I believe in the near future drone prices will
come down with more companies enter the market. DJI needs
to have there monopoly taken out from under them & it will happen in time. JMOHOP. 🪰Fly
As I mentioned in my video, I support and encourage smaller drone companies. That's one of the reasons I bought these two FIMI X8 drones. The point of my video was to help other drone buyers make informed decisions on their purchases. As I mentioned in my video there are many things I like about the FIMI drones. However FIMI intentionally sold and is selling drones with defects. To make matters worse, they don't seem to care. Every manufacturer occasionally has a defective product slip past it's quality control process and that is totally understandable. However, intentionally unloading products they know has problems is an entirely different matter. For example FIMI's website states their X8 line of drones are legal to operate in the US. That is simply not true. In ordet to operate a drone that weighs more than 250 grams in the US, the drone must be registered with the FAA. In order to registera drone the FAA the manufacturer must obtain a Certificate of Compliance from the FAA. Anyone can go on the FAA website "Drone Zone" and check if any particular manufacturer or model drone has the required certificate. FIMI X8 drones are nowhere on that list! So right there on their website FIMI is lying. (Read BMWDRONER'S thread for many more examples of poor quality from FIMI). Even if that's not the case, why will they not honor their warranty? THAT is the point of this video. I don't want someone else to spend their hard earned money on a product that has little or no manufacturer support, is illegal to operate, and does not perform it's advertised functions. I also considered the Potensic Atom and from what I've read and seen, it is a solid platform.

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