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Dec 24, 2023
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Hello everybody it's been a long time since I've been on here I used to have a drone and I have a question I wanted to get back into buying drone again and camping but there's one question that I have what drone can I buy not that I want to but I want to be able to control all the height and the range with my computer for example not saying I will but say I could say the hills and want to go above the hills that's more than 400 ft and it's safe but I'm not going to be disrespectful for the rules and guidelines that we have to follow I just want to be able to control my height and range and set it and settings or should I say I used to have a typhoon h and I can set the height adjustments. I want to buy a new drone but I want to be able to have control of my settings height and range and just have more options not be limit I respect the rules and guidelines of all that comes with owning a drone I bought long time ago a DJI and went to Reno and was in the woods and wanted to see things but it wouldn't let me take off I understand that they or every time they update their map or software they put red zones even in the areas there strange to me well you can't even take off the ground is there any drone that you recommend because I plan to spend a decent amount of money for a quality drone but I want to have control and be responsible at the same time of my settings is there any drone that you recommend that I can decent open options to adjust. just to get better range distant wise and heightwise and not have big brother over the software I would like to be able to have control of something that expensive if I see a statue or I see a beautiful hill I like to travel up to it and see it and not be I'll be like oh I can only go so far but please anybody have any suggestions or any other drone other than DJI because I just had bad experience with their drones and experience when a certain trips in the woods that I couldn't take off and I was in a safe environment I'm responsible and respect all laws wherever I'm at is this just a bummer to buy a drone and you can only do so much with it what drones do you recommend that I can have options to do things with and to modify for better quality of flying time range time and this overall I can start getting back into it and this as a hobby cuz I'm disabled and I want to be able to just have fun and enjoy my drone please anybody have any suggestions far as with what drone is the best that offers full control lift wanted to modify it for different conditions and not be able to be handcuffed. I like the coast that's where I go a lot to think and take my dog at the same time I want to be able to find my drone but let's have a hard time thinking about what drone would be good My price range is pretty much open and this will get me out of the house thank you everybody have a beautiful day and productive one.
I hate to say this, but not many people are going to reply to this because it is incomprehensible.

Try putting a period or question mark at the end of EVERY sentence, and breaking it up into meaningful paragraphs.

One of the key questions facing you is how much you are expecting to pay.

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