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Aug 10, 2019
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So yesterday was tragic.... I mean bad.... I stopped on a pretty scenic overlook to fly the Air (pun intended) and got some great shots.... as I am landing it, Cruella DeVille, or someone who looked and drove like her, clipped the left side of my Air and broke the legs. Now I have to send it in for repair....
Have any of you sent yours in? What’s your experience with it? Thanks!
Sorry to hear about your incident.

Do you mean an automobile contacted your sUAS?

I would reach out to DJIDroneService

Here's their mission statement (I find this very refreshing)

We at DJI Drone Service value what a drone means to its owner. It's such an advanced, expensive and sensitive piece of technology that is prone by nature to so many risks and accidents. We also understand the frustration and confusion that goes along the process to go about repairing one after an accident or crash. Based in Hillside, New Jersey, we pride ourselves with our DJI-certified technicians that adhere to the highest levels of training that are constantly updating by DJI. We guarantee the process to repair your drone with DJI Drone Service to be as painless, transparent and streamlined as possible.

Drone is out of warranty or crashed in "Sport Mode"? We got your back! In a few simple clear steps, your drone will be on its way to our skilled certified technician, RISK-FREE. As part of promising full integrity and clarity, we offer FREE Send/Return shipping, FREE inspection, and more options when you've run out of them. We fix all DJI drones; Spark, Mavic Air, Mavic Pro, Mavic 2 Zoom, Mavic 2 Pro, Inspire 1, Inspire 2 and Matrice. Our mission is always to get you back where you belong, up in the air.
I actually sent it in to DJI. I will be able to get care refresh after they fix it. Hopefully this never happens again. Lol
When I sent my Air in for repair it was a wonderful experience. I had DJI care so it was cheaper than it should of been. I shipped my drone, got it repaired, and got it back within a week.
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I used these guys when I crashed my P3S. They did a great job of keeping the cost down by rebuilding the camera (AFAIK, that was all that got broken in the crash and I didn't feel confident enough with doing it myself) and it flies great now. They test-flew it before shipping it back to me.

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