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Jan 13, 2024
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So I have been flying the heck out of my drone an HS 720 and have found numerous apps to operate with. Ophelia Go, Ophelia Fly, and M RC Pro all work well. Which is the most reliable and friendly to use?

I wonder if there is a way to use Tapfly where the drone doesn't have to completely stop at each waypoint? This seems wasteful and is quite the disruption of the video smoothness. I would enjoy an app that allowed smoother fulfillment of the entered route.

Apparently one of the Apps has the ability to unlock the altitude limit of 120m/393ft, but the button doesn't want to allow itself to be switched. Without promoting an ethics or legality debate, is this achievable and how? Clearly it can be done for other makes of drone and the provision was certainly available at one point as I have read that these drones are capable of flight up to 1345 feet.

Has anyone done any flying with the transmitter in FCC mode? How did that help flight range? I presume that no additional FPV range is added as it's coming off the drone unless it somehow increases TX power on both ends.

Has anyone been able to switch the drone to 5Ghz on the WiFi side successfully? I saw in a drop-down menu on one app that it was possible to do so. I wonder if there is any benefit to doing so.

Thank you for your time and any constructive assistance.

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