Any Benefit in Joining the AMA?


Mar 12, 2021
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Houston, Texas, USA
How does everyone feel about AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) membership as being beneficial to the drone community? Sources I have seen say that perceived benefits are dubious at best and that the only thing that matters as far as the FAA is concerned is UAS registration and compliance under Part #107. However, there's no political clout that accompanies adherance to Part #107.

The DPSA was formed to speak for the entire drone community from the perspective of commercial operators. I guess it's the hope of recreational flyers that we can gain benefits from simply hanging onto their coattails?

That's great but it's not enough. I feel strongly that we need a more audible voice that is focused on recreational flyers and, right now, I guess we don't have that....right? Could a more significant involvement in the AMA by the recreational drone community be a possible conduit for this louder voice? I'd be interested in hearing any thoughts on this as I feel that I am being severely affected by the draconian drone laws that are in effect here in the state of Texas. Federal initiatives like the one Senator Lee has introduced are ominous signs that a more ham-fisted approach by Uncle Sam is looming if we don't do something about it.