Antenna Positioning? HS120 D


May 10, 2021
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I’m a bit curious about how the antennas stick straight out from the controllers body, when using the app and there’s no other choice. So earlier this evening I attempted some long distance flying without the app. This way, I could turn the antennas straight up, or at 90 degrees to the controller body. I *could* have anyway, but I forgot to!
I flew around a while. But after hitting this wall again at approximately 120 ft., and dealing with windy conditions, I used Return to Home. Now I changed the antennas to the vertical position and tried for a short while again. Losing the battle with the wind, and soon realized the battery was low. So I wasn't really able to determine any difference in the drone's behavior, distance in particular, with the antennas straight out- vs. straight UP.
My thoughts about the antennas is based on all my studying of TV and Wifi antennas. Say your home network router has external antennas. If you position them flat out parallel to your floors, the router’s coverage is much more vertical than horizontal. Ok, I suppose if you’re in a 2-3 story townhouse. Not so great if in a ranch home. Primary issue here is the limited flying distance* I completed All setup procedures, and ->Beginners Mode/OFF. ->Not in "Altitude Mode"!

Should we expect anything different from the controller’s signal pattern, antennas horizontal vs. vertical?
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Thank you! My first response. Turns out it WAS the Beginners Mode settings. Not found in the manual, but the parameters you set there are in effect whether the Beg. Mode button is ON or OFF! Makes perfect sense , in some world? The only reason for the button is to ‘allow you to change’ the values! So with it set to ON, I upped the parameters (in meters only!?) to near 300 ft. height, and same or more for distance. Can’t recall if there’s a Save button.
As for the antennas. I might add a clip designed to hold cellphones, to the flip-out cell holder in a way that’s easy on, easy off. It will hold the cell up and more vertical, while leaving room for the antennas to also be in the vertical position, if that seems to work better.
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I found the stock controller antenna pointing down, with flat side out, works best. Also note: the left antenna is the only active one. The right one is a dummy.
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Thanks. Now I've joined all the other "dummies" that thought bot antennas were, .... well, actually antennas. ;-D

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