720G Slamming to stop, overcorrecting, "rubber band" behavior when moving small distances


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Jul 17, 2023
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Cleveland, OH
The subject is pretty descriptive.

- Hovering
- Press right stick very gently
- Slowly creep in that direction

- Hovering
- Press stick gently
- Nothing
- Ease stick more
- Jerks in that direction
- Release stick
- Overcorrects and snaps back to original position like it's attached to a rubber band

- Moving forward as slow as possible
- Let go of right stick
- Gentle coast forward

- Can't move very slowly
- Regardless of speed, drone slams to a stop like someone hit the emergency brake. Even if it's moving as slowly as possible.

Yes, the gimbal compensates to keep the horizon perfectly stable. It's great camera compensation and I love that, but what I care about is the ability to make tiny corrections to my position. I care about being able to move gradually, gracefully over small distances, like 3-4 feet.

Use case 1: Start a shot barely off the surface of a tiny stream, but it's in a groove/gulley so if the drone won't go precisely where I put it then it'll hit one side or the other.

Use case 2: We have a 30 ft waterfall in a 50 foot ravine near our house, but it's about 12 ft wide. Let's say I'm doing a video starting at the base of the waterfall, then move 3 feet left. If it snaps back when I let go of the stick it could easily slam into a rock wall. Then it's bye-bye 720G

There are times we want that "sticking" behavior and times we don't. Is there any way to toggle on/off the way it seems to try to "stick" to a position, making it "rubber band" back to where it was if I try to move a small amount? Is there a way to let it coast gently instead of slamming to a stop? I toggled GPS mode, no luck there.
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For the record, the jerkiness isn't completely solved but it's a lot better if you turn off GPS mode. Fortunately, you can turn it on an off mid-flight. This way you can fly with it on, turn it off to do slow things, then flip it right back on without landing.

It's still not coasting, though. I wish the controller was more sensitive.
I have an HS720E and have had trouble flying at low altitudes with the GPS on. With the GPS on it seems to have a mind of its own. I have crashed more than once trying to fly close to an object at low altitude. It just goes off one way or another, I try to correct and then get into a pilot induced oscillation leading to a crash.

My theory, or pure guess, is that the GPS signal is being reflected off the ground or near by objects causing interference. Also I believe the GPS signal is accurate only to within a small radius, like 3-6 feet. I see this in the GPS tracker on my phone. I can be stationary, but the tracker keeps showing the location moving back and forth around my position. At higher altitudes the small movements are not as noticeable and the GPS gets a clean signal.

But even at higher altitudes, I have trouble getting smooth cinematic video. Panning is always a little jerky, unlike the smooth panning that I see in many of the YouTube videos. Either something is done in post-production to smooth the footage or the video is taken with a much more expensive and capable drone.

All that said, I am no expert. The HS is the only drone I have flown so I don't have anything to compare it to.

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