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Jul 23, 2022
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I'm currently debating as to whether to get the Hubsan Zino Mini Se or the Fimi X8 mini..
One thing that I'm having trouble finding out is the Zino behavior if it disconnects or looses radio signal while flying a waypoint mission. Does it RTH or is there an option to continue the mission? I would hope that it can continue the mission. If anybody has both the Zino and the Fimi, I would certainly be interested in hearing your opinion as to which is better for long distance waypoint missions.

Thanks in advance
I think the connection loss is a problem(?), with the short cable from the controller to your phone/tablet ... I have to wiggle mine time to time and I haven't found an alternative.

My shortcoming on the Zino Mini SE, is that there is no mission planning, and the tap-flight is not very precise, especially with fat fingers and being zoomed out(enough to show the present location and the location goto. Especially when trying to do aerial photography/photogrammetry, following precision flight lines.

I'm wondering about doing the finger flight and recording the results, to see if I can use that file(?), to place "Accurate/Precision", positions.

I could prepare a flight on my computer and download(upload?), extremely precision waypoints into my old Parrot Bebop, send it on it's way and thrown my phone in the drink, and my drone would complete it's flight with no concern of maintained connection, and land right back where it took off from, or land any other place I might place in the pre-determined flight plan.

The Zino Mini SE, is otherwise, so much more of a drone with it's weight, long range control, long time of flight and it's 12MP camera ... if only I could do some preplanning.

Maybe, someone, somewhere could get me a "sample"(?), saved flight file that I could play with and maybe insert precision coordinates manually

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