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Jun 5, 2023
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Hi everyone, several years ago my brother purchased a Voyager 3, but could never get it to fly. It would always flip over upon takeoff.

I asked to look at it, he didn't want me messing with his new expensive toy, so I never got a chance to do anything with it.

Fast forward several years, and he's cleaning out his office and asks me if I wanted it. (He never did figure it out and just left in on the shelf). He gave it to me, and after changing the batteries in the controller and charging the main battery, it connected and works! But, still has the flight problem.

Took me about 5 minutes, but he has two clock wise props on the counter-clockwise locations! Yep! That will make it fly "in circles" :)

He has TONS of spare blades, but none of the right ones. I've searched EVERYWHERE for blades. I did find a set on the Walkera web site, and ordered them, but never got a confirmation that they were actually being delivered from China. Nothing. Makes me wonder if I sent $30 via PayPal to a dead web site.

Question is, does anyone know if these blades are the same as another drone? Compatible, with ??

I know it's an older unit, but it literally has ZERO flight hours on it.


Question is, does anyone know if these blades are the same as another drone? Compatible, with ??
Have you Googled the make and model of this drone, you might also look for clubs and such that specialize in this drone… I did a quick google, not knowing all the particulars, and some results came back from overseas.

Go to YouTube and you will find lots of videos on this drone and maybe you can contact the folks about their drone.

You might also consider selling it for parts and then using the proceeds to buy a new, modern Drone…

Walkera Voyager 3 Quadcopter Propellers Lot Of 2 Sets Of Black And Red Caps 796201579222 | eBay These props just sold on eBay two days ago…

Good Luck!!!

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