Quadcopter not getting full power from transmitter?


Sep 12, 2019
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Hi there, I've been having a problem with my DIY quad getting power.

It won't lift up off the ground when I'm controlling it with my Taranis qx7 transmitter. I don't think the problem is motor/prop power in general though because I can hook it up to betaflight and control the motors manually with this screen:


And using the manual master control I can get the quad to generate enough power that I can feel it pushing up on my hand. I hung it up to test it in another way and it rose very quickly there too (uncontrolled obviously). So why is it that I can't get the thing to take off when controlling it from a receiver?

I have the Maximum Throttle set to 2000 in the Configuration tab of Betaflight and my Thr setting is set to 100 in the INPUTS tab on the Taranis.

I also tested it in all the modes I have: horizon, angle and airmode.

Is there something I'm missing here or is my transmitter not sending full power?

Thanks in advance!
1. switch to aurdupilot
2. what are your setting on the controller?
3. have you done a transmitter calibration with the aircraft so the aircraft knows what the inputs are?
I calibrated the transmitter throttle and all that. I'll look into aurdupilot too but I think my problem is that my motors just put out enough thrust to barely get it off the ground and when it tries to stabilize itself it's slowing down motors to do that and so it can't make enough thrust.

My throttle is set to the maximum limit on betaflight.
hmm ok, what motors do you use (E.g 2826 - 1000kv) 2. what battery (E.g mah and cells) 3. weight of aircraft 4. prop size.
hmm ok, what motors do you use (E.g 2826 - 1000kv) 2. what battery (E.g mah and cells) 3. weight of aircraft 4. prop size.

So I bought new motors and props and that solved the problem. I think the kv was too high for the prop size or maybe the props just didn't make enough thrust. Anyway, here was my setup before I changed it.

Motors: 4000kv (2s or 3s)
Battery: 2s 800mah
Weight: 170g
Prop Size: 3.5in (unknown pitch angle but it was pretty low)
hmm 4000kv with 3.5 inch props on 2 cell is not much. 3-4 cells would have made it flyable. but good to hear it is working now! BTW Ecalc is a great website to check out the right motors/props/batteries for the aircraft.
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