Newbie: how do I buy Holystone parts?


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Sep 12, 2022
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Leesburg VA
Purchased my first drone, so I bought a cheap one. Eventually, I need an IR drone for work.
I am having trouble finding Holystone parts anywhere. I need to buy the rubber part that holds the gimble to the case. I have a question I'll put in a separate post.
Also, the HS360 is not even listed on the site.
Any advice is appreciated.
HS360 gimble.jpeg
Greetings from Birmingham Alabama USA, welcome to the forum!
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Good morning to all-

Well, Brother, unless you can obtain parts from Holystone itself, i don't know where you might find the part you need. Holystones are good drones to learn on- not too expensive and some of the models fly and do photo work pretty well.
when you start looking at drones for professional work, you'll probably need to look in another direction- like DJI.
I started with Holystones and learned a great deal, but the difference between Holystones and DJI drones is great.
I wish i could help you, but I don't know of anywhere else you might find parts needed.

good day to all- Ed