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Dec 11, 2023
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Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hey all,

Hello Drone Pilot

I'm Joe Eder from Minneapolis, MN and I've been a drone pilot for 9 years.

I've been flying drones since 2013 when I bought a small 2" inch FPV drone with a remote control with video display built in. I saw that I could see the video with goggles and got my first Fat Shark goggles old school goggles for like $150, you could barely see the picture, but I was hooked.

I watched Steele's video on building a quad more than 10 times while I spent 2 weeks getting my first quad soldered and programmed. It was an absolute Frankenstein of a quadcopter but it flew! I have since built 6 - 5 inch quads, 1 - 3 inch quad, 2 mini whoops, I have a Fat Shark Dominator SE goggles, Taranis X9D Carbon Fiber Edition. I have a DJI Mavic 1 Pro, Mavic Air 2S with Smart Controller, 3 batteries, ND filters and sun hood.

In 2018, I bought a DJI Mavic Pro after I got divorced and quit my career at IKEA and start down the path of becoming a professional photographer and drone pilot. I realized recently that in the drone photography business. It's as important to be a good photographer as it's important to be a good pilot!

In 2021 I got my Part 107 and started flying commercially in 2022 and practiced my photography skills. I shoot real estate and drone photography over the 2022 winter and went full time as a Real Estate and Drone photographer in April of 2023. Most of my shoots are contracted work through a local real estate photography company and I do shoots that I find and schedule on the side.

That's my biggest challenge now, is finding sustainable work! So I'm out here building my network! I hope to meet and get to know you all!

I'm excited to be here, thanks for letting me join your community!
I'm Joe Eder from Minneapolis, MN and I've been a drone pilot for 9 years.
Welcome from the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, USA.

Besides the Real Estate and drone photography, consider becoming a Videographer for Marketing hotels, casinos, spas, and resorts, giving them a 360-degree aerial shots of their property.

There is Golf Courses, Tourism ( for city, towns, etc…), Property mapping and inspections (new construction and Mapping), Search and rescue (Police and Fire Department), Rural and crop inspections… and so much more…

Consider also teaching drone classes, you are a builder, so you really have a leg up… Consider teaching classes for compensation, butr do not forget Free Classes for the scouts, 4-H, and other groups (word of mouth…

Good Luck!
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Greetings from Birmingham Alabama USA, welcome to the forum! We look forward to hearing from you!

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