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Sep 16, 2023
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Alberta, Canada
Hello Drone Folks,

I'd like to do a cute sky lantern thing with my girlfriend like in the Disney movie tangled. However, I think we can all agree there have been enough forest fires this year already 😅

Rigging up an Wax Paper lantern with a thin wire frame and a LED seems relatively uncomplicated. I'm fairly sure I could rig something up that was quite light and bright enough.

The problem would be in how to get it flying. It doesn't have to be pretty per-say, everything I loose in aesthetics I'll make up in adorable ingenuity.

Now, I could just use helium balloons, and I might still go that route. Maybe even attached to a fishing line so I can bring it in after.

My other idea was: Buy a drone, dangle the lantern under in, and fly it up above our heads for a minute or two while that song from the movie plays and we kiss, then fly it back down after.
The second idea seems plausible I think, but I also don't really know much about drones at all.

I'm sure a super kitted out and expensive drone could do this no problem, but I'm thinking this would be mostly a one off thing for me. If I went the drone route I'd probably give it to my dad after (he's retiring soon, so he'll probably have lots of time to use it in a year or two). I'd prefer spending less than $200 on this, but I could go as high as $300.

Are there any drones that could make this work at that price point? What drone would you recommend? Again, it doesn't have to work many times, or for very long - just has to work once for like 2-3 minutes.

Or should I just try to figure out a balloon solution?

Thanks for reading!
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Many drones have this capability and are available on eBay and elsewhere used within your pricing. However, as far as gifting the Drone to your Father, be aware that in and after March 2024 you will need to add a Remote ID Broadcast Module to the drone pursuant to a new rule from FAA, or, be severely limited in terms of where you (and or your Father) may operate your drone. These modules and are currently being built out as fast as possible by various manufacturers in order to meet what is anticipated to be enormous demand. You may only use a module that has received FAA approval. Here is one of several options I’ve found.

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Or should I just try to figure out a balloon solution?
I think of folks who "over-plan" for these Magic Moments and I think of the YouTube Videos of guys proposing to their girlfriend at a friend's wedding, at a sports event (on the Kiss Cam…), while at a family picnic in front of all their friends and family; and they had never, ever spoken of marriage previously and the girlfriend reacts in horror, not expecting this, nor wanting this and walks, even running out never to be heard from again… I know, it's the Bloopers that get the most notice.

You are in Canada and you had better stay away from anything with a flame in it or on it…

And Canada has some strict rules about balloons…

But here is a thought, helium balloons with the little LED "flickering candle light…" Do not go for the aluminized balloons, but the straight rubber balloons, I have read where the aluminized balloons have settled onto electrical lines and transformers and started fires themselves…

Here are a couple of links you had better review before you release a fleet of balloons…

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Greetings from Birmingham Alabama USA, welcome to the forum! We look forward to hearing from you!
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