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Dec 30, 2019
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The narrow-gauge railway of Ventspils includes two railway lines:
Circle Line (Riņķa līnija) – 1.4 km
Hill Line (Kalna līnija) – 3.0 km
Description of the railway line “Museum – Hill”

The total length of the railway line “Museum – Hill”, constructed within the framework of a project, is 3 kilometres. The new railway line branches off from the Circle Line in the Seaside Park. A further line with a total length of 150 m, connecting the new Hill Line and Circle Line, forms a triangle. This railway triangle facilitates the movement of trains in all directions, and it is used to turn around the steam locomotives.

Two station tracks, two locomotive depot tracks and one No through Road were built at the station “Museum” (“Muzjes”), located within the territory of the Seaside Open-Air Museum. Furthermore, a total of four new railroad switches were constructed.

The new railway line winds its way through the area surrounded by dunes and forests and crosses the streets Vasarnīcu iela and Aizsaules iela, where level crossings with optical and acoustic signals for motor vehicles have been constructed. The railway line, within its entire rail longitudinal profile, stretching from the Seaside Park to the station “Hill” (“Kalns”) and crossing the trenches and embankments, goes into a small inclination. The height difference to be overcome by the train between the starting point in the Seaside Park and the destination at the station “Hill” is 10 metres.

The railway line includes the stop “Pines” (“Priedes”), located in the park between the streets Vasarnīcu iela and Aizsaules iela. At the destination of the railway line, the station “Hill” with two station tracks has been constructed. It was complemented with two level crossings and a railway turntable.In addition to the construction of the new railway line, the railway track was renewed in several sections of the Ring Line
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