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Aug 25, 2023
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Hello to the community. I am new to the drone community. I have just bought a new HS720 drone and I am confused about the remote id serial number that the FAA requires on the form. I don’t find a serial number on my remote. There is a serial number on the drone. Can someone here tell me what number I need to use and where it is located, please? Thank you in advance.
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Holystone drones at this point in time do not have remote ID serial numbers. They claim they will have them on drones manufactured after this month. In the meantime you can add manufacturer ID “1581E” before the drone S/N and enter that as remote ID serial number and the FAA DroneZone site should accept it.
I’m not familiar with your Drone, but I would recommend you reach out to the manufacturer and see if the Drone is Remote ID capable via a Firmware update from the manufacturer. If it is not, you will need to attach a Remote ID Broadcast Module to the drone. The new FAA rule for this compliance has been extended to March 2024. Here is one source for this module.

As far as registering your Drone now, I would register it without Remote ID and update the registration later when you have provisioned the drone with Remote ID.

There are others you can search out as well and the FAA.Gov site has a list of those manufacturers that have received FAA approval thus far.
I was also confused as to what number to use, and where to find it. I figured that the Remote ID serial number should be on the remote control device itself. There is, in fact an ID number on the underside of the remote, in the upper right hand corner, and the second line of characters. Problem is. though, that is a FCC ID - not an FAA ID number. So, looking at the drone itself, I did find a sticker with a serial number, and tried entering that at the FAADronezone registration site., only to see an error message stating that this was an invalid number. It turned out that I was missing one of seven consecutive zeros within the serial number, and once I corrected that then all was fine.
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Thanks to everyone who has posted here. Registering the Holy Stone HS720R was a breeze with all the cool info from this thread. Just like @Rickoff wrote, I found the serial number on the drone and used it for my FAA registration.

⭐ Tip: If you're using a smartphone to take a photo of the serial number, most phones now let you select text in images. That made it super-easy to copy the SN and paste it into the registration application.


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