HS700D: Videos won't get stored/saved to microSD even though it works for pictures.


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May 12, 2023
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From the drone and mobile app(android) I can save photos/snapshots to the microSD but I'm unable to do the same with video. Everything appears to be functioning as normal. I get pop ups at the start and end of recording indicating success. No different than what I see when trying to take snapshots. Also, without using a microSD card, both photos and videos get stored on the phone without problem.

Things I've tried to resolve the issue:
  • Formatted the microSD card using exFAT.
  • Tried multiple different microSD cards
  • Created three separate folders on the root dir, and labeled them as Photo, Video, tmp
If anyone has any advice or tips, it would be greatly appreciated. This is my first drone and it's been mostly an exciting experience.
Hi Buddy,

Had the same problem with H700D a few days ago.

I think it happened after I shut down the drone with out ending the recording. Then when I booted it back and tried to record would only record to Ophelia gallery, rather than the card. Quite annoying.

Have you reformatted the car in the Ophelia Go APP?

Connect up your drone to the controller, phone Wifi and then go the App got to settings Camera and press format. It should then setup the correct Root etc on the card.

Make sure you don't switch off while recording though LOL
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My DEERC D15 is identical to the H700D so hopefully this applies: If the card is slower than class 10, the video may not record to the card properly. Make sure the card is not larger than 64 gigs , even though Holystone claims the DVR will accommodate up to 128 gigs. Format the card using the drone app. Check the SD card slot for hair/lint etc.

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