HS510 Wandering in GPS Mode


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Mar 5, 2022
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I received a HS510 drone for Christmas. I flew it a few times in January . Nothing major but just getting use to controlling the drone in a field near by. Everything seemed to work okay. This week I decided to give it another try and am having a lot of issues with stability. It seems to only be affecting the drone when flying in GPS mode. I did try to fly in manual mode and it seems be much better at holding steady and does not wander. Issue seems to be when flying in GPS Mode. I have tried re-calibrating multiple times but that did not seem to make a difference. I have good satellite reception (10 to 14 at any given time).. Again, This worked fine a couple months ago.

I am wondering if you have any other advice? I love this drone but obviously if it won’t stay stationary or somewhat stationary I have a problem.
That was happening with my HS700E - I was advised to make sure not to fly in "Beginner" mode and that helped.

Otherwise, no idea.
any possibility there is some kind of signal interference in the area ? does this happen in different locations ?
I have trouble with stability when flying very low. Drone drifts one way or another. Turn off the GPS and the optical flow positioning seem to work keeping the drone in place. At altitudes above 10' or so, the GPS seems to keep it locked in place pretty well.

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