hs 720e wifi problem


Jul 19, 2022
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i am new to this and i can`t get the wifi to connect to my phone. when i click on holystone wifi on my phone it says intrnet may not be available . any ideas? thanks
Usually, when you connect your phone to the drone's WIFI, a message appears: "connect without internet access?" You need to click: "do not disconnect." Geolocation must also be enabled on the phone. If it still doesn't work, try a different phone.
thanks , i got it to work. i have a couple of other questions maybe you could answer for me.
what`s the range of the drone
is it weather proof
how long does the battery last
will it record to my phone or is an sd card required in the drone
thanks again for your help
The range depends on the communication conditions. In a big city, there is a lot of radio interference and the range can be no more than 300 meters. Outside the city, in open areas, you can fly up to 1000 meters. When it rains or snows, I do not recommend flying. This drone is not waterproof. My battery lasts up to 25 minutes in summer, less in winter. You can record video on your phone, but the recording quality will be very low. You need to record on a class 10 SD card.
thanks for the quick reply . how does it do in windy conditions?
had it at the beach today in about 12 mph wind and it would`nt move. i thought i saw somewhere that it has 2 speeds , if so how do i throttle up?
The High/Low button is on the top right of the remote control. Press and hold. The display at the bottom right will also show High/Low. This is the speed. Read the instructions, everything should be there.)
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