Holy Stone app v.1, won't save parameters


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May 11, 2021
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Hi! Just registered on the forum. I recently purchased a Holy Stone HS270 and got it set up. Connected the app and controller. It flies. Yay!

But I just became aware of a problem with the app which I've also written to HolyStone about a little while ago. Rather than just wait on that, I thought I'd get a few more requests for help out there.

The problem is simply that when i try to shut off beginner mode and set new flight limits, I am unable to save the new parameters. The "saving" icon just goes around and around. If I exit and go back in again, it's back in beginner mode. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app from PlayStore. No dice. Same problem. I haven't come across anyone else with this problem either, but maybe someone here knows something? I am using a Samsung A01 phone. So far Ive read that the app works well with most Samsung devices. I have a Samsung tablet which I'll try next. Personally I dont even care to have FPV that much. I would just record to the SD in the drone for now. I just dont want to be stuck in beginner mode. Thats ridiculous and I'll return it if its not fixable. I just want to understand "why me?" and hopefully get some advice. Thanks!
Update: I tried the app on the tablet. The tablet is too old to support the app. :-(

Still hoping someone out there might have an answer or a tip.
I have an hs720 and it does the same thing . I contacted holy stone and they said after setting your flight parameters and confirm and save the settings they now become the default settings . Doesn't seem to work that way . Every time i turn the drone on i have to reset all the flight parameters because everything is back to min. default settings . Hopefully they will come up with an upgrade to the app soon
I have the HS120 and it does the same thing. I just change them every time I start the drone. Saving does not seem to work at all.
same here ! really not that big of a deal but would be nice to be able save them !!!

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