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Nov 14, 2023
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Please note that the FIMI TX10, TX10A, the FIMI X8 SE 2022 V2, and the FIMI X8 PRO are all out of compliance. They claim that it has and support REMOTE ID but it doesn't. As we know Federal Law requires that UAV pilots must have this Feature. However, FIMI drones are not recognized by the FAA, nor are you able to register the drone in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as having REMOTE ID. Please don't get caught flying this heavy drone without registration. This can cost you anywhere from $1000.00 to $100,000.00 fine or time in jail depending on the nature of your violation. Fimi has lied to us all. This is extremely disappointing. Total dishonesty and false advertising.

You can buy and fly at your own risk.
I agree with you on the quadcopters not being in compliance, and agree it's frustrating, misleading, and false advertising. I'm curious though about why you state the TX10 and TX10A are out of compliance? The transmitters don't require Remote ID. Are they not FCC compliant?

Hi, the drone and the controller has to be in sync so that the current location of the pilot can be obtained if the drone was to be zapped (so to speak) by law enforcement.
I was going to challenge this since add-on Remote ID modules are available to supposedly bring a non-RID aircraft into compliance. But after reviewing the FAA site it does seem to suggest that an aircraft with build-in RID also transmits the control station location. For the add-on modules it apparently needs to be able to report the take-off location. Another thing I found interesting in reviewing that site as well as the code for RID, it reads as if an aircraft with compliant built-in RID does not need to remain within VLOS. I thought all remote aircraft flight had to be within VLOS.

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Yep I posted something similar. The X8SE 2022 received the Declaration of Compliance 7 days ago.
Thank you guys for sharing. Please be advised that the Fimi X8 SE 2022 is a different drone model from the Fimi X8 SE 2022 V2 and is also different from the Fimi X8 PRO. That is 3 different models requiring specific registration. If you look at the way that way Dji and other drone models are you would understand. Obviously, if your drone didn't prompt you for a firmware update that registration is not for your model. Please be aware.
God I hope Australia doesn't do their usual trick of following you Yanks. They've done so with many other rules and laws pertaining to quadcopters. They did the same with CB Radios many years ago. Clearly our public servants are too darned lazy to design rules and regulations for Australia, They simply use those made in America.

I think some rules (laws) are a good thing, especially when some idiot decides to fly at 5,000 feet or fly over International airport runways to see what happens. They deserve to have the book thrown at them. But to have a system which logs your name, address and location is too much Big Brother. Thankfully, I live in the bush and there's plenty of open places to fly. I haven't heard of any task forces checking on UAV flyers here as yet.

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