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Dec 29, 2021
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Greetings --

I purchased a Potensic Dream 4K GPS drone for my 16 year old son for Xmas. Did the first setup yesterday. Despite the fact that we're both drone newbs in the extreme, he got it up and flying in <30 minutes. Calibration seemed to go fine. And, given the relatively inexpensive price we paid for the unit, we're both pretty impressed.

But, he immediately came up with a couple of questions which weren't addressed in the documentation (which is admittedly pretty weak -- although the half-dozen or so typos we found are pretty funny). Normally I wouldn't put >1 question in a post to a discussion forum, but...these are sufficiently basic I suspect the answers are one line (and I suspect these are not uncommon newb questions...).

1\ what is the best way to transfer the captured video from the drone -> computer? I know I could pop the microSSD and put it in an adapter to read on a computer, but in my experience (zilch with drones, way more than I should have with computers and cards and such), repeatedly moving a micoSSD card is a recipe for disaster eventually (they're somewhat delicate). I didn't see a way to connect the drone to a device via USB, so presumably wirelessly in some fashion?

2\ can you use >1 phone with the unit? For example, the initial setup was with my sons phone. If he's away (and has his phone with him)< and I want to try something on my own, could I use my phone instead (with Potensic App suitably installed on both phones)?

Thanks in advance...
I put the Micro SD in the SD adapter and then into my computer and laptop all the time, I have never had an issue.
I agree with STM, I've found that micro SD cards are more rugged than micro usb ports. You can use >1 compatible phones with the unit, as long as it's one at a time.

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