DJI Mavic Pro Error Message.

Wayne Morgan

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Feb 2, 2024
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Looking for a little advice.. DJI Mavic Pro now displaying an error code stating my drone is missing at least one propeller in mid flight

My Mavic Pro Alpine has been working perfectly well since dusting it off a few months ago. On Thursday 25th January it threw up an error on the controller... "No Props" during flight. I hit the 'Return To Home', it flew back at 280ft without any problems and landed perfectly with 67% battery power.

Assuming it was a prop problem and an easy fix I put on a set of 'Master Airscrew' Props from my other Mavic Pro (Platinum) which did fix the problem initially, but again during a a short low level flight this morning it came on again. I did RTH without a hitch, as before, it came back and landed perfectly with ample battery power.

I've calibrated everything, following the usual 'step by step' precudres that's usually offered as advice on Facebook Discussions, I altered the gain settings in accordance with advice from another flyer (based on Master Airscrew Orops ru. Ing at a lower RPM) to no avail. I've now reset the gain to it's default set. I've used contact cleaner on all motors, then blowing out the residue with compressed air, I've spun all the motors in isopropyl again on advice. I've checked for any irregularities in the motor balance, all of the motors are straight with no wobble or play, and all the props are secure with no play. I've now re-installed OEM Props.

All the batteries are in excellent condition, the charging cycle on my three batteries are 222, 97 and 16. I used all these batteries on my recent test flights since the error appeared. I've rolled back the firmware four times via Assistant 2... still the error persists.

I contacted DJI who requested the logs of both flights. They couldn't identify the issue as a mechanical "motor idling" fault as the motors were running at the correct revolutions, in-flight with props . They suggested it may be a "sensor", controller fault or firmware glitch that may be the problem. I contacted 'Drone Doctor' for a second opinion thinking I may need to send it in for repair, however I was again told "it was probably a firmware Glitch" and has been identified on other Mavic Pro's, and as such I shouldn't worry about it.

I've flown it with Litchi as well as DJI GO 4 and both threw up the 'motor idling' error, yet there's nothing wrong with the motors as they all spin at the correct speed and the Mavic flies faultlessly in all modes, even though the error states it's flying without propellers.

I know it's an older drone, but it's a well maintained and trusted flyer in mint condition, and although I have much better drones I'm reluctant to part with it as I use it as a 'Traing Drone' for my Wife and Daughter (both recreational, certified flyers).

Sending it away for a look over by other Drone repair companies will probably cost more than it's worth.

Has anyone else had a similar issue, and if so have you found a solution?

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