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Good luck, I had to go to the "About" to find out you are in Canada. You might want to make you location a bit more obvious... and where is Canada is not all the aobvious either...
Thanks for the Advice I also wondered if .lol was too serious of a extension. Can you imagine some of my peers doing adult photography to be even funnier? Well it is a toy right so I guess Adult aerial photography would be even funnier perhaps. Perhaps I could my old job as a fluffer back.
I also wondered if .lol was too serious of a extension.
The reference to ".lol" went right over my head until you brought it up and I back to your web page. If I was seeking your services and I noticed the ".lol" I would pass you by thinking the web site is a joke… Or maybe a "left over" student project that never was rescinded.

Have you heard of "Zombie" web sites? They are web sites that are still active but not associated with any valid activity. Strayer University is a perfect example… They shut their doors over two years ago and no longer exists, their web site is still active and uninformed individuals have submitted their applications to attend the school in the fall…

So, that is why I would shy away from your web site (if I noticed the ".lol"…). With that being said, if your numbers for satisfied customers is correct, and you are satisfied with the level of work you have done, then perhaps it has had no affect on your business…

But, here is a final observation. When I first clicked on your link yesterday, the failed, when I clicked on the link again, it worked but took about 10-seconds to load up… I have Gigabit Internet so that was strange… Today, when I clicked on the link to see the reference to ".lol", it took over 30-seconds to load…

So my question is where is your web site located? Is it on a local small business server that is not powerful enough to efficiently service your customers… I would advise you to try loading your web page during various times during the day. And if you are also experiencing these delays, you might want to move it to a more response business…

Good Luck!
Greetings from Birmingham Alabama USA, welcome to the forum! We look forward to hearing from you!
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