Atom, remote control, gps and Logs Issues


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Apr 18, 2024
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I had a terrible experience with the equipment and the costumer service, so I need help
1- The flight logs did not were saved on my phone, anyone know why this can happened?

A little back history, I received this drone as a valentine's gift, since the first time we tested it, we noticed a problem with the remote control battery life, we fully charge it and still that it only was functional for at least 15 minutes or so, by the 4th time we use it (everything fully charge) we were mid flight and the drone lost connection with the remote control due to the RC has no battery all of the sudden, it ended on the drone crashing, and it was hard to find because the last position mark on the gps was no the actual position were the drone was this was before our trip so we weren’t able to take it with us. We are extreme disappointed with this purchase and we don’t understand why if we fully charge the remote control by hours it still is functional for that few minutes in your manual says that the RC battery life is for 2.3 hours, the costumer service response was, they asking me to send the flight log,
but as I mentioned before, the logs were not saved on my phone (it was so new that we didn't even know the existence of that function), I mention that to them and their answer was that I bought a NEW DRONE and a $20 discount coupon, of course me spending $180 on a new drone doesn't help me at all, and I ask them if I could send the drone for a complete analysis, and guess what!! They were charging me $100!! for the freaking analysis, and I told them what would happen if I sent them the drone, and indeed they found a manufacturing defect in the remote control or in the drone, the payment would still be on me ?
The whole situation doesn’t seem fair to me, supposedly the product has 12 months warranty and I'm not receiving it not even for an inspection.
I don’t even have received an explanation on what possible reason the logs weren’t stored on our phones, or what might have caused our event.
This whole situation does not seem very convenient for the client, but it is for the company since the only solutions I’ve been offered involve me spending more money.

So in my experience I would never recommend to anyone buy something from this company.

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