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    Antenna boosters

    Was thinking about purchasing a Titan switch antenna booster for my phantom 4pro v 2.0 .not so much for distance but for video quality and signal boost .i have a drone business and doing high rise building and roof inspections and when going around buildings I get signal interference .has anyone...
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    South Texas

    Hey it’s great to be on this forum . I fly the phantom 4 pro v 2.0 ,Mavic 2 pro and have the zoom also and my little friend the spark
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    Hello from the toast of the coast south Texas

    I’m a owner of a phantom 4pro v2.0 and a Mavic 2 Pro and a Mavic 2 zoom and a spark been flying for about 2 years as a hobbies enjoy taking videos and pictures on the beaches of south Texas
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    What aircraft do you fly?

    Dji spark,Mavic 2 Pro,Mavic 2 zoom,phantom 4pro v2.0
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    Introduce Yourself!

    Hello my name is Patrick I live on the coast of south Texas I own a phantom 4pro v2.0 and a Mavic 2 Pro and also a spark if only been flying for about a year and a half my favorite spot to fly is on the beach taking photos and videos of ships and other vessels coming in and out to the Gulf of...