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    Elite Drone Clips [Signs of the times]

    Hey Guys check out some of my best clips from summer, with some scripture narratives.
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    Icy river!

    Hey Guys, I'm back with another video, with a bit more time on my hands 2021 has me flying in cold weather like never before. If you'd like some tips on how I edit, feel free to ask. Anyway, enjoy these clips!
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    Meditational Drone Footage

    Hey guys, i'm back with another episode of sparrow ministries. Sit back and enjoy some epic shots while I speak the Word!
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    [4K] Drone Footage | Vancouver | Apple M1

    Epic drone clips from my trip to Vancouver a while back. Finally able to properly edit my 4k footage thanks to apple's new M1 chip, it's a beast! Enjoy!!!!!
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    Echelon Drone Clips {with Narration}

    Hey Guys, check out my new clip. Some elite level clips in combination with narration. Hope you enjoy!
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    Hey guys, im back again with another video,let me know what you think!
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    scripture drone footage

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    Drone footage of open dam!!! - narrated scripture

    Hey Guys, decided to make another video with some scripture to give you some relaxation during these challenging times. Hope you enjoy!
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    Drone footage with some scripture

    Hey Guys, decided to make a new video with some scripture to enhance the relaxation during these challenging times. Hope you enjoy!
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    country side shots for you guys

    hey, hope everyone is holding up strong during the lockdown. Hope some of these shots cheers you up a bit. Lemme know, enjoy :)
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    Quarantine Footage

    Hey guys check some of my footage during this lockdown period, hopefully it ends soon. Luckily I live close to water, can still get a few nice shots.
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    2.7k vs upscaling to 4k

    Hey Guys, I edited my first cinematic mavic mini footage today. I decided to upload to Youtube in 4k. There seems to be a difference in quality between 2.7k and 4k when uploaded. Did DJI give us a drone that is capable of 4k without actually telling us? anyway, let me know what you guys think!