Hi everyone, and thank you in advance for all of the knowledge and support that we may share together. I am a senior master automotive technician by trade / blood ?. Let's face it, being successful in the automotive repair industry without being a straight up peice of... " Thief " has become more difficult to thrive in these days. My story of getting involved with drones at all whatsoever is what will make me one day, and every single person that has helped to support this newfound passion, moving forward, successful in every way possible! (You too, God ?). I am eager to renounce my former title in life to aspire into a business owner of a drone based business to help create jobs and to further development In creating new avenues for others pertaining to the following:
A work environment focused on group efforts to do nothing more than succeed, not just monetarily, but to succeed by spending time doing something that they enjoy and especially spending time with the ones we love whether it be your family or making time for the mistress too! Lol? ?. No, seriously, Family comes first and I personally see this goal becoming reality on my own terms, and peering into endeavors which will ultimately be the keys to financial freedom for my family and for the families of every employee / partner that are involed. I give my sincere thanks in advance to any and all who will be coming aboard in the near future to fulfill our dreams together. And now, I will shut the hell up.
Jan 6, 1981 (Age: 43)
Woodstock, ga